Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Commoner to Queen

You have probably heard about the crazy Egyptians who married their cousins right? Well, thankfully, Nefertiti wasn't one of those people. Archeologists guess that she was just an extraordinarily beautiful commoner and heir to the throne Ahkenaten must have noticed. Ahkenaten wasn't even pharaoh yet and he had numerous wives (the pig!). However, Nefertiti was his favorite and was eventually appointed the position of co-ruler. I'm guessing that Vizier Ay was glad that she named her daughter Nefertiti meaning "the beautiful one has come". Rest assured, this very famous queen wasn't reliant on just her beauty and her husband. For a short while after her husband's death, Nefertiti might have ruled as pharaoh Smekhkara. This pharaoh was thought to be male but maybe Nefertiti was tired of being "just a pretty face" and decided to embrace her masculine side? Whatever floats your boat...


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  2. Wow! I never even thought for a second that she could've snuck back in and became pharaoh as a man! I think it was someone else though

  3. Even though he has numerous wives that was VERY common then so there was nothing wrong with it!