Monday, December 15, 2008

Subservient? Never!

So, earlier I mentioned that Nefertiti became a co-ruler, right? But in ancient Egyptian society, even though women in Egypt were treated very well, women weren't typically thought of as equals. I, being a feminist and all, thought that it was great that Nefertiti blatantly ignored the "rules". So what made them equals? (Not that I believe that Nefertiti had to do something to be equal to her husband) The ancient Egyptians thought that their pharaohs were gods, but the cool thing about Nefertiti and Akhenaten (or Akhenatiti, as I like to call them) is that the Egyptians thought that only together could the power of Ra be present. Further more, Nefertiti started the cult that recognized Ra as their only god. This might be why there are pictures of her and Ra together without Akhenaten. (More power to ya!) I suppose it helped her popularity that she was the most common model for artists. They loved her for her beauty (strangely enough, she shaved her head so that she could wear her tight fitting crown). In one picture Nefertiti was even shown standing next to her husband and wearing a king's crown. Quelle horreur! (the horror!)


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  2. very unique facts like her making her own cult for Ra! Very imformative! NICE